Must have travel accessories

A regular traveler will tell you that having or not having the necessary travel accessories and supplies can either make or break your trip. That is why you are supposed to undertake serious planning so that you when the time comes, you are ready to go. It does not matter if yours is a leisure or business travel, some accessories are universally necessary for any trip away from home. Let us look at some of them.

Accessories to complement your travels



You can either decide to go with the carry-on bag or a checked bag. Ensure that you have a bag thatĀ fits under the seats so that it allows you some free space. In the event that you are going for an overnight trip, or the trip will last for the entire weekend, you should select a bag that has enough room to carry all your stuff.


Never set out for a trip no matter how short it is without carrying a snack. The snacks can be in the form of Chex mix, Almonds, Protein bars or even Pretzels. This applies both to when you are going for a road trip. If you go without, you will realize that nothing makes a trip very boring and challenging than doing it on an empty stomach or with no food in sight.

Comfortable shoes

This is a basic when you are making any trip, ensure that you wear comfortable shoes in the first place, and also ensure that you carry some spare shoes that fit the occasion of your trip, you can carry sneakers, crocs, sandals flip-flop or whatever works for your journey.

Basic toiletries

Take the basic toiletries that you will need for the entire trip. Those who have been here before will tell you that carrying along your basic toiletries comes in handy especially when traveling by road. Ensure that you carry enough of them if you will be going for the trip with kids.

Noise reduction headphones

Some individuals may dismiss this as not being an essential accessory, but if you have done any flying before, you know their value. This will help you avoid the destructions that can be brought about by noisy neighbors or even crying babies.

First aid travel kit

Here you have the option of purchasing a pre-packaged one which comes as a small compact travel kit, or you can decide to assemble your own by the use of a zip lock bag. Ensure that you pack the basics into that bag, which include antacids, pain killers, antiseptics, tweezers, lip balm, small scissors and whatever that you think can be helpful to you. Remember also to carry sunscreens and insect repellents if you are going for a camping trip.

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